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The Dream


My name is Vince Van Dyke, and I can say I don’t live the most interesting life and perhaps this blog will be more therapeutic for myself than interesting for you but either way, it is a win-win for me. I want to write more about music and how it influences my life as well as force myself to work more at pursuing the music business.

I am not at school for music, but I would drop everything to be able to sing.

I have played the piano for 13 years now, and have sang as a hobby ever since I could; However, since I began college, I have been more confident in my voice and started singing at various places around campus as well as writing more music. My friend and I are going to be performing at Marquette’s Talent Show in a month and I am really excited to see what we pull together.

Thanks for reading my first (and only) post as I begin this blog. I will update every now and then.


“Man becomes what he believes himself to be” – Gandhi


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