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Barton Hollow – Civil Wars

This song is truly amazing! The harmony and lyrics are JAW dropping!
The entire Barton Hollow album has been my fall playlist of choice.

The story of how the two singers met is really interesting, I encourage you to look them up and listen to them!


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December 4, 2013 · 4:59 pm

The Dream


My name is Vince Van Dyke, and I can say I don’t live the most interesting life and perhaps this blog will be more therapeutic for myself than interesting for you but either way, it is a win-win for me. I want to write more about music and how it influences my life as well as force myself to work more at pursuing the music business.

I am not at school for music, but I would drop everything to be able to sing.

I have played the piano for 13 years now, and have sang as a hobby ever since I could; However, since I began college, I have been more confident in my voice and started singing at various places around campus as well as writing more music. My friend and I are going to be performing at Marquette’s Talent Show in a month and I am really excited to see what we pull together.

Thanks for reading my first (and only) post as I begin this blog. I will update every now and then.


“Man becomes what he believes himself to be” – Gandhi

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